Barbilee, eating healthy is so expensive, what do you think?

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6 years ago I was a school teacher and 40 pounds over weight.
We ate mostly convenience food (I am married with 2 children)
Take out was a staple in our evenings and anything pre-packaged and “ready to go” always got our vote.
Our weekly grocery/eating out bill averaged about $300 a week.
I went on a nutritional program ( and released that 40 pounds and changed our eating habits.
No more fast food. No more junk food, no more processed C.R.A.P. (Caffeine, Refined sugars, Additives and Preservatives)
I bought a bread maker and make my own healthy bread.
I make my own soups…from scratch, yes I even make the stock myself sometimes.
Lasagna does not come in tin foil any longer.
Pizza is always hot, fresh and wholesome. I choose the cheese!
We went vegetarian once we cleansed our bodies, we just didn’t want the meat any more.
We barely eat out because “at home it tastes so much better” – quote from my 11 year old. (and I know what goes in it!)
Our weekly grocery bill is about $75. (seriously, we buy fresh ingredients, and actually save money!) We buy about $100 worth of supplements and neutraceuticals (that is considered our food) each week for a total of about $175.
We eat out maybe once a month, and if we do it is at the Indian restaurant on the corner where you can get 10 samosas for $5, and noodles, veggies and rice for a family of 4 for about $10.

So, BEFORE our fat and unhealthy eating food bill was about $1200 a month.
Now, skinny, healthy and full of energy, our monthly food bill is about $700 a month.

Now what was the question again?

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