Does food affect behaviour?

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I have worked with “energetic” kids my entire life. Right from my first volunteer position with a special needs camp, Recreation Technician with the City, teacher for 14 years to my successful Family Coaching practice today, kids react to what they eat. I will tell you that truly only two things make a difference in the behaviour of kids:

#1 The food they eat and

#2 the structure they have or don’t have.

  1. Let’s look at food. With the amount of C.R.A.P. (Caffeine, Refined sugar, Additives and Preservatives) that is in our food supply, it is a wonder how kids (and adults) can function at all. Brains require food to function. Our “food” industry is no longer food, our water is contaminated and our medical industry is trained to keep us sick.  It is a vicious cycle. The only way out is EDUCATION. Once food is taken care of number 2 is easy.
  2. Structure: this is HUGE! If not for structure our world would be chaos. (think about traffic signs and lights…what if there were none?) Structure is imperative to the healthy life of a child.  A child needs to have structure, guidelines and most of all “ground rules” of what is acceptable and what is not. We will do what we can get away with. It’s our job to test boundaries (again, think about traffic laws…have you ever driven over the speed limit? If you didn’t get caught or there were no consequences then you probably did it again. But once the structure was in place ex- photo radar – you probably think twice about your speed. Kids are no different. They WILL push the boundaries of their lives. It is up to us parents to keep them safe while allowing them to grow at the same time.

Food and structure. It is the foundation of any successful culture and YES, your family is it’s own culture. Once the non-negotiables are put into place FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY then and only then can other changes be made.

If you want different you have to be different. A few rules or “changes” here and there will not bring you the different results that you are seeking you need to be consistent and persistent. Change is good.

One thought on “Does food affect behaviour?

  1. I am forwarding this on to her parents. Thanks for the good advice. I had mention food to her parents before when I heard something on TV along these same lines. I have been reading more food labels than ever now for when she comes, but it seems some times the selection in the stores are not to much to pick from.

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