Can I feed my kids a hot dog once in a while?

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First NO it is not okay to feed him a hotdog once in a while…to me that is like saying…is it okay if he ha s a cigarette once in a while… (Go ahead moms, blast me for that one, but if you truly did your research hotdogs WOULD NOT be allowed in our food system). Now, yes, I will agree that “not all hotdogs are created equally” but really…there are much better options out there. BTW- hotdogs don’t even make it on my list for “protein”.

We are vegetarian, and one of our major protein sources can be found at Meat is not necessary in a diet, it is not even not recommended for some blood types. There are many OTHER protein sources that we can be introduced to:

QUINOA (little seeds, cooks like oatmeal, takes on the flavour of whatever you put on it…my kids LOVE it with a little salt and pepper)

EGGS – 1 egg is 6 grams of protein

CHEESE – 3 oz is about 25 grams of protein

check this out:

As a “life long vegetarian whose mother force fed me meat” please don’t put your child through that. The body knows. Trust your child and look at this as an opportunity to learn something new.

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