Dare to Dream in 2013!

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Yes, you, I DARE you! I DOUBLE DARE you!

Get out a piece of paper and separate it into 3 columns. Label column 1: BE, label column 2: DO, and label column 3: HAVE. Then…start dreaming.

Things I want to BE…happy, satisfied, a good mom, loved my my husband, spiritually connected… keep it going!

Things I want to DO…a tropical family Christmas vacation, 1 month on a beach this summer, pay off all creditors, learn to dance…keep dreaming!

Things I want to HAVE…a new car, like a Lexus Hybrid, white, sports model with a sunroof, a healthy and ideal body weight for me, a residual income of $5000 per week…go ahead, it is just as easy to DREAM BIG as it is to dream small!

Now this is just the beginning, once that sheet is filled, go fill out another one, then another one. NEVER EVER stop dreaming.

So go ahead, Dare to Dream in 2013…I Double Dare you!