Does it matter when I take my vitamins?

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Thanks to Irene who posted this great question. Many moms responded that it really didn’t matter. I disagree!

I believe IT DOES matter when you take your vitamins.

Here is what I know:
1. if your vitamins make you nauseous DON’T TAKE THEM. Seriously, find something that does not upset your stomach (there are natural vitamins out there that don’t upset the tummy!) CLICK HERE

2. Your body is a miracle, it needs the right information at the right time. Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day (after all it is when you BREAK your FAST). It is essential to get your brain and body set up for success. Feed it the BEST you possibly can every morning and everything else you do (I recommend

3. Your body continuously re-creates trillions of cells and those cells need the right “information” (aka food) to build correctly. If you only feed your body once in the day it will decline throughout the day and by late day it is exhausted and “done”.

4. Vitamins are necessary throughout the day. One-a-day vitamins are ineffective. That is like feeding your body once a day and expecting it to function properly. Feed your body well throughout the day and it WILL BE the miracle that it was created to be!


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