“E”at and be healthy!

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“E”at and be healthy!

Continuing with out theme of the 150 healthiest foods on the planet let’s look at the E veggies.

But first a lesson…when you see a richly coloured fruit or veggie…nature did not do that by accident. The colour or deep pigmentation is there to protect it from the sun that causes free-radical damage. Blueberries, raspberries watermelon, peppers all contain phytochemicals that not only protect the plant from damage, they protect your body as well!

And of course there is…

EGGPLANT: the purple pigment is a powerful antioxidant that actually eats up free radicals (those nasty molecules that cause damage to your cells); a nutritional superstar with 2.5 g of fibre per cup, and is only 35 calories; it is considered a fruit (botanically it’s actually a berry), it is a close cousin of the potato and the tomato family but all in all…it is just really good for you!

ENDIVE: 2 cups of endives have only 8 calories AND ½ mg of iron, 157 mg of potassium, 71 mcg of folate and more thatn 1000 IUs of vitamin A and 115 mg of vitamin K; Toss with some walnuts and some pears and a bit of olive oil or hemp seed oil and voila, a great salad.

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