Homework routine, what does that mean?

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Thanks TT for inspiring this post:
I am a retired school teacher. I taught for 10 years and then I had to leave. I could not put up with the “guidelines” that were in place. Homework rules, teach the curriculum not the student, crazy stuff like that.

Here is what I know for sure:
EVERY CHILD is different. To assume they all must work on the same page at the same time is RIDICULOUS! There are kids who get if faster than others and are “held back” and expected to wait. If your child can get the work done is one night then do it. Allow him to be a kid for the rest of the week. REWARD him for his brilliance, do not punish him because of it. Could you imagine your BOSS sending you work home EVERY NIGHT to show you a “process”????? Seriously this is the problem with our school system.

Children will grow up fast enough, let them be little while they can. If he gets his work done, reward him with free time, don’t punish him with unnecessary routine.
Grade 1 – 12, even post secondary education…they are all the same. Homework MAY happen. But to give homework simply to establish “routine” is simply laughable.
Trust your gut as a mom. He will be glad you did.