How can I feed a family of 4 on a budget?

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I have a family of 4, our grocery bill (only food) for the week is always less than $100.

Here is the trick: stay away from pre-packaged foods and C.R.A.P. and you wills ave money.
Refined Sugars
Pre-packages goods cost more. Not only in your pocket book but your health as well.

Don’t buy those “instant” anything. Buy the real thing and actually “cook”.
Those “instant side packages” are about $1.00 a bag – most families will need 2 for a meal. Buy real pasta and add your own seasoning. A bag of pasta will feed your family 2 times and it only costs $1.00.
HEALTHY bread in the stores is about $3 a loaf, I make it at home (in a bread maker) for about $1 a loaf – the $60 investment for a bread maker was worth it in just the first few months.
Canned soups are a NO NO! Too much garbage in them. Make a soup. I make an amazing Garlic potato soup, enough for 2 family meals and a couple of lunches for about $5. If you bought healthy soup, you would be paying about $5 a meal.
Breakfast is the only are we “splurge” on (a whole $2 a person). is our ONLY meal to start our day.

We have four family menus that my daughters have helped us make and we rotate them weekly. We have a variety of items on the menus – soup, pasta, “picnic”, pizza, fun-finger-foods etc. At least one night each week is “their night” and it’s their menu with the items they planned.
– Veggie lasagna
– Eggs: Omelets stuffed with veggies and cheese
– Whole grain rice with veggies (my kids LOVE a mixture of tomatoes, green onions, olive oil and Italian seasoning warmed in the over and sprinkled over rice)
– Pasta – get creative – ANYTHING goes on pasta
– French toast sticks
– Whole wheat pancakes with fresh fruit
– Stirfry
– Soups – minestrone, cream of broccoli, tortilla, pumpkin the choices are endless!
– Oh so sea shells: Buy large sea shell pasta and have her help you stuff them with her fav foods, carrots, broccoli mushrooms, cheese, asparagus, etc
– Tortellini
– Pasta salad
– fajitas
– quesadillas
– enchiladas
– wraps – my kids put EVERYTHING in a tortilla wrap – even cold spaghetti!
– grilled cheese with veggie IN or on the side

You can get a really great free resource at It is a very simple 12 week program to getting your family on the right track with healthier food and better overall eating habits. (anyone can get a copy if they want it)
I can also send you my menus if you want. Just send me a private message with your home email and I will send you the excel sheet. (again available to anyone)

Have fun with food! It is what keeps you alive!

5 thoughts on “How can I feed a family of 4 on a budget?

  1. Please send me your menus …..this will help my daughter. Maegan is always looking at easy CHEAP ways of feed her 2 kids

    Thanks for all you do


  2. Hi,
    Your website is great. I need to get help on what to feed my family of 4 for under $150 a week.
    I know you can use lots of potatoes and rice and beans but I need recipes and ideas on how to make this work.
    Vicki J.

  3. Hi Vicki, thanks. I will send you our menus. We are vegetarian and our main protein source comes from our morning IsaLean Shakes. ( Our menus have many different items on them, quinoa salads, pasta, soups, pizza. Everything is homemade which generally keeps the costs down and the nutrition up. But we do supplement with other Isagenix products, the shakes are full of nutrients and we are all on the daily essential vitamin packs. Please know that no matter your diet, you MUST add vitamins and minerals. It is no longer an option for health.

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