How can I get my family to sit down and eat together?

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How about it’s a matter of life or death? To sustain life everyone needs nourishment. Nourishment does not come for a sack or a plastic tray. Nourishment means to feed the body, the mind and the soul. A sit down family meal does that.

1. EVERYONE helps with the prep work. From washing veggies to washing dishes, prepping gets the family connected.
2. Everyone chooses one meal a week to “be in charge of”. They make sure the food’s in the fridge or on the grocery list, and they are the “chef” not the “fry-guys” at least once a week.
3. Have a picnic. Eat on the floor (or outdoors) once in a while. AND NOT FROM A fast food bag. Prepare a meal and enjoy a new way to nourish the body.
4. Eat breakfast for dinner. Pancakes, omelets, waffles…they all make great dinner meals!
5. Plan a directed conversation each night: What was the best part of your day? What were you good at today? What did you learn today? What are you excited about for tomorrow?
6. Theme nights are always a big hit. Some of our favs…
a. No utensil night – please don’t plan soup!
b. Backwards night (translated eat with “the other hand” night)
c. Questions Only night. Every time someone wants to speak they must ask a question. Someone else can answer the question but then they must ask one of their own.
d. Who knew? It’s a game that someone says a word and everyone tries to find a song that has that word in it.
Be creative. Mealtime is the time for closeness and conversation. Seize the opportunity

Everyone answers
1. What was the best thing about your day today?
2. What were you good at?
3. What were you grateful for today?
4. What are you looking forward to for tomorrow?
5. What do you need to “complete” before tomorrow? (this is the opportunity to clear the air about anything that is bothering them.)

Get the family involved with their health. You will all be glad you did.

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