How can I make cooking fun for my kids?

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That is a great question! Remember cooking is more than just warming or preparing food, it is a WHOLE experience. Cooking is a multistep process.

1. Give each family member a “meal” to plan. (yes, for younger kids it can be spaghetti!)

2. Allow them to create the shopping list.

3. Take them shopping with you when possible.

4. They are the “chef” and the rest of the family are the “sous chefs”.

5. Set a “fancier than normal” table. (Even use the good dishes!)

6. Prepare the meal together. The Chef is in charge!

7. Sit down as a family and rave about the food.

8. At the end of the meal, give a standing ovation to the chef.

9. The chef gets the night off of dishes-duty.

10. Do it all again next week with another family member

Meal times are a family affair, feeding your family is THE most important thing you will do each day, do it well and you will be well rewarded!

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