How do I balance home and work?

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I choose to run my home like I run my business, everything gets some time and time is given to everyone. I can not manage time, just my activities, so I ensure that all my important activities are covered every week.

I know that almost everyday, I get up at 7:00 AM and I am in bed by 11:00 PM. That gives me 16 hours a day (or 112 hours/week) to do what needs to be done. I then break it up into percentages and make sure that everything gets at least a percentage of my time EVERY WEEK. That way there is not guilt or “I should’ve or I could’ve”. Everything is scheduled and everyone knows that there will be time for them.

50% of my time (56 hrs/wk) is dedicated to the “NECESSITIES” of work, home life, food, cleaning, and logistics. I involve the kids as much as possible. It is important for them to see how to manage what’s important in their lives effectively.

10% of my time (11.2 hrs/wk) is dedicated to PLAY – with kids and for me – EVERY Saturday night is Family Date Night.

10% of my time (11.2 hrs/wk) is dedicated to EDUCATION – I couple my education with teaching the kids different things (sometimes my necessity time overlaps here! It’s so much fun!)

10% of my time (11.2 hrs/wk) is dedicated to GIVING BACK/CONTRIBUTION – we all get involved at church and in the community. We do this together to bring us closer.

10% of my time (11.2 hrs/wk) is dedicated to LONG TERM PLANNING – we sit down as a family and decide what we want and how we are going to get it.

10% of my (11.2 hrs/wk) time is dedicated to PLANNING FOR OUR FINANCIAL FREEDOM. We often overlap this with education or play.

I run a successful business AND a successful home life. From the outside it may look like “a lot of work” but trust me, my family is worth it. Once a system is set in place life is much smoother and way more appreciated.

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