How do I know if my kid is overeating? (or ME???)

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Thanks Elizabeth for the inspiration for this post…

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It really is. It sets the body up for it’s entire day of food usage and cravings etc. My clients only eat one thing for breakfast.

Cereal and waffles (most likely both contain a high amount of sugars) ARE NOT FOOD FOR BREAKFAST. The breakfast industry has it all wrong. Protein and nutrients are what the brain needs first thing in the AM. It is soooo im[ortant for kids and adults alike. Their brain gets it’s fuel with the first food put in the body. Give your children (and yourself) the best breakfast possible.

Think about it this way. Would you put gas in your car watered down? No, you want the gas that you know will “feed” your car to make it go. Do the same for your body. FEED it the FOOD you need to make it go. Not all FUEL is created equally. Do some research or ask a trusted HEALTH CARE professional. If you want a program for you and your family to follow just ask.

Bottom line STOP digging your family grave with your knife and fork and START feeding your family right!

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