How do I nourish my soul?

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Nourishing the body is hard enough…but now we also need to focus on nourishing the soul. So what really is “nourishing the soul” all about? It’s about feeding YOU, the YOU that YOU want to be…who is she? Is she fun? Playful? Artistic? Creative? Thoughtful? What do you do to nourish HER?

It really is quite easy. What do you love? Really LOVE?

Dancing? Singing? Painting? Shopping? Laughing with friends? Hanging with the kids? Going for long walks? Reading? Talking to friends over a nice cup of tea?

We are coming into a time of joy and giving and receiving. Yes, RECEIVING! You are allowed to receive you know…This holiday season make nourishing your soul as important as nourishing your body.

Go out and have some fun…enjoy life…enjoy the gifts that you have been given and be grateful for it all.

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