How Do You Simplify Christmas?

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Christmas has become very complicated. Who to buy for? How much to spend? What if I don’t have the money? Oh she gave me something now I have to give her something. How many presents should be under the tree? Do we buy one gift? Or two? Or more? Oh boy!

In my family we use the KISS method: Keep It Simple Santa!

1. The kids get one gift from mom and dad, one from each other and one from Santa (well, if he thinks they deserve one!)
2. We do not do “gifts” for cousins, aunts, etc. Instead we make a larger donations throughout the year to our favourite charities in their name.
3. We keep away from the “hype”. The latest and greatest is only as good as the commercials.

We have a “no stuff rule” in our home, so it’s not just Christmas is it all year long. My family has decided to forego the “keeping up with the Jones” and instead they choose to “live like the Hemmings”. We travel, we play we spend time together. We eat dinner together every night and we spend weekends together really connecting. This is a year long process, it is a chosen lifestyle. Christmas is a season of love, of family and of faith. In our home, Christmas is a feeling, a feeling that we live all year long.

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