How do you teach good work ethics to a 7 year old?

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A child learns what s/he lives.

It is that simple. If parents are passionate, it is “contagious” to the kids. (Careful not to confuse passion with “crazy busy”)

To teach my child passion, I must be passionate.

To teach my child value, I must value others.

To teach my child the importance of doing “well”, I must “do well”.

You get the idea.

Kids will go through phases. They may love something one minute and not the next. It is possible for them to change their mind. And that is okay.

I have found that as a parent I can only do my best, be passionate about everything I do (even the dishes) and model the behaviour I want. I am their teacher and facilitator, all I can do is be who I want to be and show them what their life can be with focus, passion and love.

It wish I had some magic formula or phrase that worked every time, but I don’t. But I can share with you a couple of things I do.

Since my children were little, every time they walk away from me (going to school, to play etc) I say the following: “I love you. Play nice with the other kids. Make good choices”

Every night for dinner I ask the following: “What was the best part of today?” “What did you learn today?” “What did you do well today?” “What are you excited about for tomorrow”

When they lay their head down at night I say” I love you, who do you want to be tomorrow?”

I know that by being consistent I will get my message across.

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