How often do you let your kids have Sweets?

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How often do you let your kids have sweets?

Thanks Toni B for asking such a great question.

My answer is EVERY DAY! Hopefully 2 or 3 times a day.

Apples are their favourite “sweets”. Raspberries come in second and banana’s are a close third. After that it’s a free for all…cantaloupe, carrots, watermelon, cherries, broccoli, cucumbers, bell peppers (red especially) and so much more are their “sweets” of choice.

But maybe that is not what you meant…maybe you meant cookies and the like. Well that is great, we make a batch of cookies, muffins, banana bread, squares, brownies etc every week at our home. They always have a “treat” in their lunch boxes. They are always made with real sugar, real butter and real ingredients for their REAL bodies.

It used to be said that something sweet tells the stomach that the meal is over and it can start digesting now. So go ahead, enjoy something sweet just ensure that it is healthy too!


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