“I” Don’t Know What I Don’t Know!

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Isn’t that the truth! How can I know what I don’t know? Well all we can do is learn…so let’s learn a bit here today.

We hear a LOT about insulin, inulin, insoluble fibre, and inflammation, but what do e we REALLY know about them?

Here is what I know…

INSULIN: Is a hormone that lowers the level of glucose in the blood and when glucose goes up (like when we eat) insulin helps that glucose enter the body’s cells where it can be used for energy or “stored” for future use. This is the fat storing hormone that, if raised high enough, long enough consistently enough will contribute to diabetes, heart disease and aging. A healthy body regulates insulin easily.

INULIN: A naturally occurring soluble fibre that feeds the good bacteria in the gut and helps support gastrointestinal health. Basically it creates a friendly environment in the digestive tract.

INSOLUBLE FIBRE: indigestible part of foods that moved bulk through the intestines.  We call it “roughage”. This type of fibre absorbs water as it moves through you and “in the end” makes it easier to “eliminate the waste”.

INFLAMMATION: This is a big word that is thrown around a lot. The bottom line it is the critical component of almost every degenerative disease. It is a biological reaction to harmful stimuli in the body, damaged cells, irritants etc. The UPSIDE of inflammation is wounds and infections heal because of it. The challenge is CHRONIC inflammation that can lead to a lot of problems, hay fever, arthritis, even cancer.

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