Is there is a “weigh” to avoid winter weight?

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Yes, Virginia, there is a “weigh” (LOL!)

So it’s colder outside, we stay inside more. We are inside more so we hang out with our computer or TV more. We sit around more and that usually means we eat more. DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY! Winter months does not have to mean winter weight.

Here are my top 5 tips for keeping the winter weight “aweigh” (LOL)
1. Eat well, eat often. Every 2-3 hours
Cold pasta salad,
tortilla wraps,
banana bread with jam,
cheese and crackers
nuts & granola
fruits and veggies

2. Stay away from C.R.A.P. –
Refined sugar,

3. Moderate exercise with plenty of water. Go for a walk around the mall, but leave your credit cards at home. Make a game of it. Play the “find the alphabet game”. Start with A and walk around the mall until you have found each letter IN ORDER all the way to Z. Letters can be found ONLY in store windows or displays. NO going inside the stores!

4. Keep moving. Keep busy. It’s when you become that couch potato that you start thinking about nibbling on unhealthy items. Get yourself a Wii or equivalent and get up off your…couch!

5. Make love. It’s a great way to burn a few calories AND keep you out of the junk food.

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