Should I give vitamins to my kids?

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On one of my on line groups, Casey posed a great question: Should I give my kids vitamins! It inspired this blog post:

As a family food coach, I get this question all the time. Should I give vitamins to my kids. The answer is, it depends on you. Our food in North America is very deficient. What we used to get in 1 apple, we now need 12 to get the same thing. 1 bowl of spinach in the 50s was enough, today it’s 43 bowls. I am not making this up. I actually wish I was…
As parents we have to be alert and diligent that we are feeding our kids properly. Our so called “food industry” really is not more of a “what-can-we-create-that-looks-like-food” industry. Parents must educate themselves on what is actually in the foods they are feeding their kids. To answer your question, I believe that EVERYONE needs supplements, even children. Like mentioned, our food source is compromised and unless you are growing your own organic food and raising your own meat, the foods you are feeding your family may not be sufficient. My own kids have been on vitamins since the day they were born, they are 17 and 14 now.

But, sadly, not all vitamins are created equally. It would be nice to walk into a health food store and know that you are getting something great for your family. But that is not always the case. Those “water supplements” you get in the stores are often more dangerous than healthy, aspartame, sucralose, and other additives outweigh any positive ingredients.

Okay, now for some real suggestions:

1. blend some organic fruit and make popsicles from it – let your children help you do this. You can even take this blended fruit and put it into ice cube trays and show them how much fun it is to “add this to their water”

2. let them help you grocery shop – let them choose the things that they will eat.

3. encourage 1 new item in the shopping cart each week – there are so many fruits and veggies that are not only fun to look at but fun to touch and play with. Let them “get in there” and discover more foods.

4. picky eaters will usually graze throughout the day and not really have a sit down meal,  I advise a plate of healthy snacks on the kitchen table at all times. Let them help you put it together. They can eat it as they wants.

Casey there are many things you can do as a parent, the most important is to have patience and love them wherever they are. And please, LISTEN TO THEM, their bodies are telling you what is good for them and what is not, listen, they are very wise.

So there is it…even kids need vitamins. Of course there is the very best kind… CLICK HERE