Merry 2011!

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Only 10 more days in 2011…and as you look back what do you see? Fun? Laughter? Vibrant Health? Outstanding friendships? Love and light?

Life is simple…

You are what you eat!

Actually, the truth is you are what you absorb.  The body can ONLY process real stuff, so if you are filling your body with “fake stuff” your body will respond accordingly…and give you a “fake shape”, “fake health” and “fake living”.  When you eat C.R.A.P. you will feel like crap. When you eat live food, you will feel alive! Heavy, dead foods make you feel heavy and dead; light, fresh foods make you feel light and fresh.

Make a choice in 2012 to feed your body ONLY real food.

  1. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store.
  2. Buy from your local farmer’s markets
  3. Supplement your diet with high grade nutriceuticals.
  4. Laugh every day!

Think about what you are bringing into 2012 and decide what you want to leave in 2011. It really is just as easy as a decision.

So make a decision right now to be better, to eat better, to live healthier.

My “Food Rules” eBook available HERE – it is the BEST way to get you started.

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