Multiplication tables – how can I learn them fast?

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Thanks Jenna for asking such a great question:

Multiplication is simple…teach the basics then memorization is the ONLY way.
Here are some fun games to play with the flash cards:

Around the world – they all stand in a circle and one person starts. You hold up a fact and the firs tone who gets it right moves to the person on the right. Then the next fact, each time 2 people competing. First one “around the World” or back to their place earns a sticker.

Beat the commercial. They MUST watch TV for an hour. Put the flascards on the TV and anytime there is a break in the show (credits, commercials etc) they jump up and see how many facts they can get right. They lift a card if they get it right it goes in the right pile. If they get it wrong in goes on the left. once the show starts they sit back down. (they mind will be processing all the while the “mindless” show is on tv. Next commercial same thing. The object is to “beat the commercial” getting all facts in the right pile.

Another favourite is “Pudding Numbers” make pudding, put in on a cookie sheet and give the kids the facts. Say “5 X 7” is and they have to write the whole thing out including the answer. Then they get to to “wipe it clean”. The more pudding you have, the longer you can get them to memorize their facts.

Most importantly…Have fun!

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