My child talks all the time, what can I do?

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My son comes home from school every day with a note from the teacher about him getting into trouble for talking too much…HELP!

Kids like to talk. They really do. Their little minds are growing and absorbing the information so quickly it is one of their ways of processing it. This is a VERY GOOD THING. What is not very good is when the teacher punishes your child for it.

First sit down with the teacher and find out what exactly is going on. Is he blurting out inappropriate stuff or is he excited to answer the question? Is he talking about nothing or about what you are working on in class? Is he bothering other kids or engaging them? Is he excited or bored?

The ask the teacher what they are doing to accommodate this learning style. Teachers need to have strategies for EVERY student in his/her class. Even sit down with her and your son figure out together what is good for both of them. Your son sounds like a very enthusiastic learner. If she squashes that now, he may never get it back. There are too many kids who were excited, enthusiastic, outgoing in grade school and by the time they hit middle school, were almost comatose…that is the fault of the teachers and the school system they grew up in. I have seen it too many times.

Please note, any teacher who asks you to take things away at home or offer him rewards at home based on school behaviour is quite frankly, a bad teacher. (Remember, I am a RETIRED SCHOOL TEACHER!)

You are SOOOOOOO blessed, this a FABULOUS situation you have here, your son is excited and willing to participate. He is bright and open to learning. He is friendly and not afraid to express his opinions. He is outgoing and willing to be “out there”. Why on earth is that a problem? The teacher needs to accommodate her teaching styles to match his learning styles, that is what school is about. Not him conforming to her classroom mis-management techniques. Heidi, stand up for your son and encourage that teacher to teach to HIS learning styles.

Children talk. Period. Teachers need to accommodate for that, or in my opinion, can leave teaching.

PS Thanks Heidi for the great question!