Never Diet Again?!?!?! Seriously !?!?!?!

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Diet: the food a species habitually eats. If that is really the definition, why do we have to GO ON a diet…isn’t everything we eat part of our “diet”? So really, let’s take a look at changing our diet and not going on one.

This post was inspired by a question on a moms group chat. The question was simple enough, “hey mama’s anyone out there got a really good diet?” Of course,  I had to respond!

Hi Allie, yours is a very popular question “how do I lose weight?”. So before you make this journey, decide what it is that you want:

1. Do you want to lose weight or release it forever? NB: Anyone can lose weight but keeping it off with ease seems to be where the REAL goals lie.

2. Are you willing to “give up stuff” or would you rather “add stuff” to your diet? Diet is not a bad word, by definition, diet means “the food a species eats”

3. What is the purpose of getting rid of the pounds? Increased self esteem? Better health? More lifestyle options?

4. What changes are you will to make changes to get the results you want?

These are the questions I ask my cleansing clients before I agree to work with them. You see, anyone can lose weight, really, just look at the multi- billion dollar diet industry – those WW people who lose and gain and lose and gain and have “lifetime memberships”, and what about those “fad” lose weight-in-a-box kind of things you get at the stores? Seriously!?!

Allie, 6 years ago I was on a very unhealthy path, 40 lbs over weight, never feeling “my best”, tired, cranky, and really not very happy with myself. Then my world changed. I made a decision to NEVER DIET AGAIN and take a look at what I was actually doing to my body…because it’s not just about the FOOD WE EAT that causes us to be unhealthy and overweight…It is our environment, our stress levels, the water we drink, the pesticides in our foods and so much more. What I discovered was I was that ONLY person who cared enough about me to take care of my HEALTH…my doctor kept feeding my sickness. I took control, I partnered with people who CARED about me as a person and not a prescription and I took responsibility for my own life.

And now, well, after 6 years, I have helped over 2000 people start on their health journey. Some have stayed, some have strayed and some down right quit…you will be one of those people. But you won’t know until you get started.

Allie, are you ready to NEVER DIET AGAIN?

It really is that simple.

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