What can I do, I think my teen is depressed?

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First I will say good for you for having the lines of communication so open with your son. He told you what is going on, that is wonderful. It was his plea for help. Kids who are “thinking of suicide” are asking for help. You are very blessed he is asking. How many kids do we hear about that take their own life or the lives of others only to hear afterward “he was a good kid” or “we never expected anything like that from her”? You are so lucky.

Your son is asking for help. Give it to him. I have to caution you though about the doctor to “prescribe something so he can sleep”. PLEASE EDUCATE DON’T MEDICATE. We are so quick to jump to a pill for every ill. PLEASE spare your child that route if at all possible. Medications only mask symptoms, they never cure them. If he can not sleep, there is an underlying reason. The stomach and the not sleeping are CLUES to what is really going on inside. Anxiety is a HUGE trigger of both those symptoms, no medication can cure anxiety. Trust me.

Your medical doctor can only take care of sickness, please find a wellness doctor like a naturopath, a homeopath, or chiropractor, someone who is trained in WELLNESS and PREVENTATIVE medicine, not prescription meds.

Desiree, I agree with most of the other mamas. You need to seek help for his thoughts, now…BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF HIS HEALTH. Once someone goes on meds, it is very difficult for them to come off them. Please, think really hard about what you are doing. You know that medication is about masking symptoms, they are not a cure. AND you know that most antidepressants and sleeping pills are highly addictive. Is that what you want for your son? Please, be careful.

A good child psych will help him and you deal with the thoughts. Your son needs to know that everything is just as it should be, his life is unfolding exactly as planned, maybe not his plan but “the bigger picture” plan. His only responsibility is to get through today and tomorrow will take care itself. He needs to know that no matter what you love him and will be there for him. You will help him, hold him and love him in all circumstances. You will be his strength when he feels weak. You will be his reason when all seem confused and mostly you will be his mom and take care of him.

It truly saddens me to see the pressures on kids today to perform well at school (when in reality it does not prepare them to do well in life). They are pressured to “get good grades, get into a good college and get a good job” when the reality for so many is, go to school, get good grades, get a good job and pray every day for the company not to lay you off or downsize or let you go for a younger employee.

I am a family wellness coach. I help parents and kids take a look at the family as a whole to see the big picture. I help them look at their food, nutrition, and lifestyle habits to be successful.

There are many people who can help you. You just have to find them.

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