The Hemmings’ Family ~ 2010 A year in review

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2010 was an AMAZING year! So many wonderful things happened!
The Year started off with a BANG! Literally, we spent New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas!

The girls take Las Vegas

The spring was full of girls at school and all their activities. I headed off to Phoenix for our Top Achievers Celebration with a couple of team members and had a ball! I have definitely found my home with Isagenix.

On Stage at IsaU

In May I was training on stage at Isagenix University & in Aug. we had 17 team members attend Celebration

Our Team

By October, I was number one in our Leadership Pool. My team has doubled in the past year! We are almost 1700 members strong now!We have helped many families free themselves of pain both financially and physically. Isagenix has blessed our lives in so many ways.

I still spend about 10 hours a month volunteering with the Red Cross as a “Healthy Relationship Educator”. I go into junior and senior high classes to introduce what a Healthy Relationship looks like. It is fun and very rewarding. AND I LOVE my time at the Centre for Spiritual Living. I have definitely found my spiritual home.

Rydel joined the 810 Air Cadet Squadron in September. She LOVES it! They have a band and 3 weeks into her training, they took her gliding! She did a survival weekend and came back happy! She said yesterday “I am getting my kids into cadets when they are 12!” I guess she REALLY likes it! She is loving her tenor sax and is quite good (and I can say that objectively because I don’t know music, so it has to sound like really music for it to sound “good” to me! She can pick up a piece of music and just play. She just had her 15th birthday (Nov 28) and already knows her life path, she wants to be an astronaut.

Cadet Hemmings

TR at the river
Taylor Rae is in the 6th grade and turned 11 in April. Her “hobby” has been Charmed, you know the old TV series? Yup, she is a bit addicted. Her “1 show a day” is ALWAYS spent on Charmed. Oh sure, she loves her Wii that Santa brought last year but first and foremost, it’s Charmed. She has the entire TV series! Thank Goodness, in October her music teacher taught them the Ukelele! She loves it! She has just as much talent as her sister. She got the Ukelele on a Monday, I picked her up from school and before we made it to the grocery store, she had already figured out “Au Claire de la Lune” by ear! No sheet music! Another musical genius.

Dywayne is the world’s greatest dad. His girls are first in his life. He attends every game, every concert and every field trip when they need him. He fixes saxophones, computers and whatever else the girls need.

In September, our Baba turned 85! WOW!

Baba is 85!

We decided to stick around this winter…well actually the girls decided and I had to agree. So we bought a family season pass to a local ski hill. At least then I have a reason to appreciate the snow. I am looking forward to a get a way though…just waiting for the right one to come along.

All in all it has been an amazing year for the Hemmings’ Family. We’d like to thank our friends and family for everything that they have contributed to us this year. Your love, support and encouragement mean everything to us. We look forward to an explosive year with our Isagenix business, families helping families. The girls are moving onto a new educational journey next September, Rydel tot High School and Taylor Rae to Junior High and everything is right and perfect in our world. Namaste.

The Hemmings’ Family

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