Tired of seeing so many causualties…

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I woke up this morning exhausted. Not exhausted in the “I’m-tired-don’t-make-me-get-out-of-bed” sense of the word, but exhausted as in I am tired of seeing so many casualties.

You see, I went grocery shopping and I found myself almost in tears. (What a scene I would have created if I would have let the tears flow right there in produce aisle!!).  I just stood back and observed what was going on around me. And it exhausted me. People are so trusting of our food industry that they are (or pretend to be) blind to what is going on around them. People were putting things into their cart without a second thought. When I asked a lady why she chose that particular item, she looked at me blankly and said “I always buy this one” and she walked away wondering, I am sure, if I was crazy. And all the while I was thinking maybe she was crazy! Didn’t she know what kind of chemicals and preservatives and poisons were in that box? Didn’t she care that she was digging her own grave with her knife and her fork? Didn’t she understand the dangers of trusting an industry that was out for more and more profit and not caring about the health and longevity of its product users?

But instead of saying all that, I stood in awe of the fight we have every day. The answer is right under our noses…literally. But we are too “fill in any adjective here” to really see. So most surrender to the battle, because “it’s easier”…”it’s too confusing”…”I don’t know who I can trust”…

Well I will tell you this. I am not going to surrender. I will not allow the so called “food industry” to target my god given right to be healthy any more.

Bodies are designed by nature to be vibrant, energetic, rested, flexible, free from pain or disease…and so much more. I know that, and you know that. Yes, you do, you know that you need proper diet and exercise. You know that you need to eat healthier, you know that you should “fill in your health knowledge here”. We all KNOW IT!

So why are so many not doing it? Why are there so many people going to the grocery store and  just buying stuff for the sake of buying stuff? Seriously…WAKE UP! Join the revolution. Join the food revolution. Jamie Oliver out of the UK is on to something, and I am his ally. I am fighting for the same thing he is fighting for…your god given right to be healthy.

My question to you is…are YOU up for the fight???