Tweens/Teens (girls) who have everything, what do you get them for special occasions?

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Girls are SOOOO much fun! I have 2 girls, 13 and 16 (17 next month) and every year I have so much fun buying for them. As the parent, we always “get them what they need” throughout the year, our time to really shine is their birthdays. Girls may “seem” difficult, but really when we take a minute to think about it, we can get to who they really are.

Maybe it’s not so much about the “thing” you give them, but how you help them celebrate!

How about…
** a “shopping spree” – Take her and a friend shopping toa all that has 3 of their fav sotres. Tell them they will “pick” from 3 favourite stores. Let them “scout ” out the stores first then put all three stores names in a hat. Pick one and then set it up. They then go into one of their favourite stores and time them, they have 1 minute to pick what they wanted. Note: whatever they picked up had to fit them.

** Do an “amazing race” When it was done here, we got 12 of their friends together and made 3 teams of 4. They were given a parent with a car and the first clue. Each clue took them to the next location where there was “challenge” and the next clue. EX: the first clue read, where can you be Tiger Woods, Mario Andretti and Babe Ruth all in the same hour?” It was the local outdoor amusement park. They had to get there and at the location they had to get a hole in one before they got their next clue. It was so much fun!

**we had a “minute to win it” party when my daughter turned 15. We found the events on line and created challenges with regular household items. We had prizes and buzzers and everything.

**How about something fancy, send her and a friend to one of the best restaurants in town, “no parents allowed” and set them up for a wonderful evening. Tip the servers in advance for exceptional service.

Most of all have fun!

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