What can I do? My son is so angry, and for no reason.

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I hear you loud and clear. First I do not agree that “he’s a boy” and “he will out grow it”. We are hearing too much of that now, it’s time that someone takes responsibility. It is up to us parents to see what is really going on and do something about it.

I have been a special needs teacher for many years and I will tell you that the behavior that you are describing. inappropriate speech or songs, short fuse, not thinking before he acts or speaks, usually means the boys are headed for the SPED class. But that is not always the answer. Actually, 9 times out of 10, it is NOT the answer.

Food and diet are the answer. I left teaching 6 years ago because I got sick. The doctors did not know what was wrong with me. They kept plugging me full of drugs never once asking me what I ate. When a friend finally asked me what I was doing to feed my body, I discovered I was on the wrong path, SAD she called it…Standard American Diet. I started looking at nutrition vs calories and quality vs quantity. WOW! What a game changer.

Kids need better guidance. Kids need more time and energy spent on their food choices. It is TOO easy to “grab something on the way home”. But change the diet and you will change the behaviour. www.BestBreakFastEver.com is where I would start. Remove all CRAP from his diet: Caffeine, Refined sugar, Additives and Preservatives. And in a very short time you will have your angle back. I cna pretty much guarantee it.

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