What can I do to get my teen excited and involved at school?

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So first off, DOES SHE want to get more involved? Or do you want it for her?
Is she interested in school or is she just “putting in her time”?
My guess is she is not like you. You seem social, active and involved. She on the other hand wants to stay low key and do her own thing. And that is alright.
Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jZHNjc4Xk0&feature=share
and perhaps you will not put so much pressure on her to “use her smartness”. Some of the most influential minds of our time were failures at school…Albert Einstein..Richard Bronson, Bob Proctor…Bill Gates…George W Bush Jr…and look where they are today.
My advice? Encourage her to grow to expand and to find out what she is interested in. Talk to her but don’t bombard her with who you are. Encourage her to talk to you and not at you. Teens are individuals, help her be her own woman and you AND her will be much happier.

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