What happened to eating right and exercising to stay healthy?

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So I spent the weekend re-watching 2 movies for a presentation I am giving on Sunday (CLICK HERE FOR INFO), Food Matters and Food Inc. I have to say I was quite depressed after watching them. Our food supply is, well, it’s just not what it used to be. Oh sure, 50 years ago we could eat healthy, get some exercise and live a long healthy life. Today, we can eat right, exercise and still be unhealthy. How is that possible? How is it possible that with all our advancements and all our technology, for the first time in history, our children have a shorter life expectancy that that of their parents?

Our air is not air. Our water is not water and our food is not food. We have found everything from arsenic to Prozac in our water supply, PHB toxins, ethanol gas and more, in our air, and the amount of “cides” in our food…pesticides, herbicides, fungicides…is staggering…no wonder so many are so near death, even when they are so young.

I may not be able to control what goes into my body from the environment, the air or the water, but I can choose the food that I eat and how quickly my body rids itself of the toxins. 5 years ago when I started nutritional cleansing it was because I was sick. Today I cleanse because I want to stay healthy.

Am I in control of all the garbage that inundates my body on a daily basis? No. But I am responsible for how I get rid of it. And so are you. I made the decision 5 years ago that I was willing to pay for my health today so I didn’t have to pay for my sickness later. You get that same choice.

www.SoYouWantToCleanse.com It is time.

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